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[Blog] Bario PT2 - Tusan Cliff @ Miri

The next day we headed out to Tusan Cliff! One of the beauties of nature in East Malaysia! It's yeah, you guessed it. Its a cliff! But a really nice one!

Its approximately 40 minutes from the Miri city itself. We had the privilege of not taking a taxi or a car hire, but instead! Our friend took us in a van for about 40 minutes to Tusan Cliff to catch the sunset. The journey was worth it!

A steep and dusty unpaved road down to the beach

Turn left along the shore and walk straight ahead. You will reach the amazing cliff and a nice arch to take pictures in.

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[Blog] Bario PT1 - Flight to Miri

And so! We embark on a journey to Bario. The blessed land of Sarawak! We left Kuala Lumpur and headed to Miri, Sarawak, made a two night stop for a cave tour and beach tour. And as usual, we were in a group of 12 people! Massive group and well you know what they say, the more the merrier.

We landed in Miri early morning and got one of our awesome friend to pick us up from the airport. We headed straight for lunch, the famous Kolo Mee of Sarawak! 

Our hostel with cages to keep our belongings

Pork burger and beer for the nights dinner. Right behind MyHomeStay Miri! Simply amazing!

Churches of England

Every cathedrals in Europe has its own unique design. The details are amazing and its just amazing how such designs could be done 100 years back. Here are some shots from a cathedral in Scotland and Paris. I will be uploading more onto my Facebook page! Stay tuned!
The Europe Churches

Cheers to 2016

The two of my most favorite foods that pretty much sums up my year in 2015. Cheers to a greater 2016! Goals are laid out and picked. :) Lets work towards the best! Happy New Year!

Charlie Puth - See You Again (Cover by Eunice and Dexter)

A short video that we worked on 3 months ago in tribute to Paul Walker's passing. This was written by the rapper himself, Dexter. It a concept of an answer from Paul to his friends here on earth.

Please do share and enjoy!

[Studio Fashion Shoot] - The Queen

Finally an update! I just got back from my backpack trip from Australia and will be posting some writings on my adventure! This is one of my preview shots I did for a studio fashion shoot last week. More coming soon! Stay tuned!

Epic Poi and Epic Sunrise!

Finally a story upload before my on assignment trip to Australia :) This was one epic experience and do stay tuned for the full video. Coming up soon right after the music license gets approved :)