Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sarah Tan - Talk [Official Music Video]

Sarah Tan, one of my best friends and composer in the making. Recently came back from Australia and we managed to steal some of her time to bring one of her composed song to life on Youtube! :) Do share and comment! Here's how it goes :) Enjoy!

Filmed by : Bryan & Me
Composed by : Sarah
Edited and recorded by : Me

I am so tired of hear
-Ing the words that people say
i am so tired of hearing,
the words that people say.
don't let the words that you speak
cut and tear each other down
let what comes out your mouth
only bring them smiles around
Cos this world is full of whispers
people love to start them fires
when somebodys like him
and anothers like her
and everybodys like oooh
cos this world is full of rumors
shouldn't be a source of humor
especially not when it hurts makes
somebody feel worse
that my friend is not cool
We've to learn how to bridle our tongue
and to watch just what we say
Talkin behind someone's back
no it shouldn't be the way
don't go spreading strife
but give grace to those who hear
may the things that you talk about
edify those far or near
bridge: you'll never know,
just how far, things will go,
when you don't think , when you don't think, before you speak
love , in all you do, just be true
, don't be deceitful, the first thing to change, is yourself

Thailand - Down the river

 click to read on my visit to thailand! :)
click to read my visit to thailand! :)

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Recently worked together with SixtyFilms to produce this! :) Just Ask yo! 

Monday, 13 January 2014

This Mystery Called Chemistry - Sarah Y

This Mystery Called Chemistry - Sarah Yong
Composed and Written - Tracey Wong

A New Year

Well, to tick things off! Its a new year and obviously new motivations and goals! :) My goals are pretty simple this year. Just want to share with you readers, my goals for 2014. Listed below.

Goals for 2014
- Hike to Everest Basecamp
- Travel Nepal
- Build a stronger production company
- Publish our first unofficial photography magazine
- To be recognized in National Geographic's community
- Travel my home country (roadtrip + bagpack)
- Master photography and cinematography + audio recording

This is my list for the 14th day of 2014. As I sit and prepare for more before February, I am pretty sure this list will add up. Oh! My travels to Thailand last year will be uploaded pretty soon! :) Here is one of the pictures I captured during my visit. Sneak peek! :) Click the picture and it should direct you to my National Geographic photo page! :)

The serious Tuk-Tuk driver on the busy roads of Bangkok

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Light Photography

A great way to start a year with collaborators :) Few days ago I had a collaboration between Bryan Yong, one of my old friends whom I knew years ago. Never knew we would meet up doing what we love to do! And the best part is we will be working together in the future. God has been a great leader since middle of last year opening up doors and bringing in opportunities. Any way, long story short! Here are some pictures we took together to mark our first collaboration! :) There will surely be insane journey's ahead! Amen!

the UFO landed

the sidewinder :)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Back to Hometown

Recently was sent on assignment back to my hometown which is Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. I will be here on a 11 day assignment duration and at the meantime, managed to pack my camera along for some street photography. Its been awhile since I went on a photography trip so I figured, might as well make this one worth while.

Beside the old building, weird one way streets, each and every eatery here has its own speciality. That one thing I love about my hometown. On day 3 of my stay here, I managed to visit Sin Yoon Loong for breakfast. They have one of the best coffee bread combination meals around. Well, one of my favourite at least.

Half boiled eggs on pan toast is one of my favourite breakfast meals. Comparing to those available in Old Town Cafe back in KL, this still outshines the modern taste anytime. :) The coffee rich in taste and has that milky linger beneath the coffee after taste. Magical!