[BLOG] BARIO PT2 - Gua Niah @ Miri

We had a fair dose of adventures when we made a trip to Gua Niah @ Miri.
The walk in was amazing, surrounded by massive boulders, trees and even had
the taste of walking through the swamp areas.

The walk into the large section of the Niah cave

Pitch black darkness! Lets get creative!

This is the interior of the main section of the cave

The last section of the cave. Too much of the insides were hard to photograph.
A must place to visit to appreciate natural beauty

Along the last sections of the cave! Cave drawings by the previous inhabitants there!

More and more cave drawings!

Information post about the previous civilizations

Apparently, this was a coffin. Not sure how true, but well.
There you have it! Ancient coffins!


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