I took a long time to write this because its really complicated. Its a profile on my interest, things that I learned and still learning and also my past time. And believe me, I am one complicated person! Its really hard to learn so many things but I have to give Him thank and praise that He guided me through. :) I would like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors for different events and equipment that were borrowed or given to me. Enough said, this is a list of my interest and passion!

Live sound and stage engineering
Photography / Videography / Cinematography
Graphic design / Branding / Printing / Advertising
Sound editing / Video editing / Photo editing
Road biking / Cross Country / Racing / Drifting / Off roading
Trekking / Mountain climbing
Competitive Gaming / Game Reviews / Computer software configuration / System builder
Networking Home & Office / Telephony networking
Home theater configuration
Building home studios / Studio recording

Live sound and stage engineering
This one of the various productions that was held in The UK. I started live sound and running for crew when I was 17 years old. I started my own mini recording with walkman and clip microphone on tape when I was only 10 years old. Those were the days when Aiwa was one of the best walkmans around town and I spend tonnes of money on tapes. I think I will put my learning timeline in point form for my reference :)

My family could not be more supportive during my learning periods. My dad even got me a desktop which I burned two days after. The only remark he gave was, be more careful next time. And the next week, he got me another desktop. :) Parents! :)

10 years old : I started recording on tape using clip microphones, making my own cables and dubbing tapes from VT to radio.
12 years old : I started PC sound, which includes home theater systems
13 years old : I blew my first desktop and helped out at my friends office doing computer software (which in a way less damaging :P)
14 years old : Started doing freelance computer repairs to get extra pocket money and helping my friend out
15 years old : Built my first desktop during the days of Pentium 4 and 256MB graphics cards.
16 years old : Developed a passion towards video, photography and designing but never got the money to carry on. Entered my first International Triathlon Race! AFamosa International Triathlon.
17 years old : Started doing live sound and running stage crew. Entered a couple more international races and bought my bike for about MYR9k for the races.
18 years old : Opened my first company doing IT jobs for large and medium offices. Also learned networking from Microsoft and did a large server migrating project between India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Philippines and Japan. Entered college for Diploma in Multimedia.
19 years old : Switch my camera from Nikon D40x to Canon 30D because I did not really like Nikon. Bought my first camera and went into freelance photography for weddings.
20 years old : Completed college and went straight into University in United Kingdom.
21 years old : I got in contact with my old suppliers and got my new suppliers for IT equipment, sound equipment and well just about anything. Learned 3D, live sound, stage engineering in the UK.
22 years old : Splurged MYR30k on studio recording equipment and brought all of the back to Malaysia.
Started my main company which host 4 different individual companies under one name. HEXA. Started it with my best friend Paul.
23 years old : Went into Astro to learn broadcasting......

This is the best summary I can come up with. There is really loads to write!

I soon developed a strong passion for photography. Mainly models, macro, nature, travel, food, yeah.... I think almost any type of photography. I did some freelance photography for the Singapore Zoo somewhere in year 2008. I am now pursuing cinematography, video editing and sound editing with my brother which is currently doing broadcasting as well.

This is my gaming section. Being a gamer from childhood, I must need a professionally custom spec desktop and I will normally custom my desktop according to my requirements. There are five computers including my home server and three gaming laptops. I have a gaming CPU on our main TV as well. Most of my equipment consist of Microsoft Gaming hardware, Razer Gaming hardware and Steelseries Gaming hardware. My aim is to upgrade all by the year 2015.Hail all Gamers!

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