Alan Wake

Alan Wake, so far one of the best game I played that contains a story twist. Alan Wake is developed by Remedy Entertainment and needless to say, they put in hours and hours of detailing work on t he graphics. The environment in game is very detailed and well textured. If you were to really enjoy this game, you will have to play it on high graphics settings and it gets better with a gaming headphone for audio. The dynamic lighting is very well designed as well as additional vision effects. Fog and smoke effects are very realistic and depending on your graphics settings, it will really get annoyingly disturbing because of the details. The environment? Its forest cum sub urban setting. The details of the water, sky, trees, lights are really amazing. Had enough of Energizer? Basically in this whole game, your best friend is Energizer batteries and Energizer flashlights. The flashlights basically acts as your cross-hair in just like any other third person shooter. The best part of Energizer is, the flashlight never runs out of battery!

Your flashlight shuns off enemies and not only that, it has some extra perks into getting a better flashlight. Find out yourself! When it comes to third person shooter, you will expect the jump movement to be slightly better than some of the first person shooters. In this game, some might find it really irritating because the jump movements and small glitches around edges can be really irritating. You might be running away from enemies and you just cant jump off a 1 meter balcony....... speechless. Going too near edges? You might just slip off! The details can be really irritating sometimes. For example, you might just find yourself moon-walking just because you are stuck on a small rock or a small piece of broken wood!

Besides the flaws of the game, I really think the concept of playing your own story is really cool. Alan Wake is a writer and he writes books, but ends up playing it instead. What he wrote is not as scary as Penumbra or Amnesia, so it is a game that you can enjoy playing without jumping off your chair at every corner of the game.

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flashlight, your best friend. Play the game and you will know why....

the details of the environment is really awesome

 dynamic lighting is the main reason that keeps your heart pumping!


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