The Bz-ness!

The past few weeks had been really busy for me, especially when it comes to end of the year. Design projects, I.T projects and several other jobs flowing in rushing for the year 2013 and not forgetting Christmas!

Here are the few things that kept me occupied the last few weeks :)
- New camera equipment
- Recording with Sarah and Kristen, not forgetting our new sound person... Tracey! :)
- Did shooting for cousin's wedding
- Audio events by my supplier
- My new Samsung Note 10.1

Well :) I will be posting up some videos that I shot during the wedding and some of my practice edits done with different clips from a barbecue session two weeks back. I also had time to head off state for some off road adventures and not forgetting Asia's first Legoland! The year 2012 has been an awesome year and I really dont plan to slow down especially when it comes to the end of the year. Christmas shopping, gifts to be wrapped, faces to see, smiles to draw... so many plans in mind.

The best part of Christmas is, all the malls that I frequently visit started playing Christmas songs since the last week of October! Christmas decorations started blooming on the first week of November! The Christmas spirit is so strong! :D Merry Christmas!


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