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Some ask, what do you work as? What is your main interest? What is your aim in life? How do you have so much free time? Why are you not having a job scope like what I studied? What is your passion? What are my hobbies? Well, I guess many of you out there encounter the same questions.

For me, my interest are simple. It always revolves and evolves in the creative and technical field. I was given the opportunity to venture into different creative sectors when I studied in the UK and when I came out to work. I was taught filming, studio recording, photography, video & audio editing and directing. Well, I loved them all! Every field has its advantages, and I loved them so I dont really see the disadvantages. The level of creativity are endless, and as long there is creativity, there will be always something new.

Like for instance, the picture above was captured in one of our road trips and it was captured with a word in my mind. Wandering. I always see myself as this grownup wandering off to anywhere and everywhere. I can take a 1 hour drive up a steep mountain 1am in the morning just to see whats on the other end. Thats me! Danger on the other hand was not on my mind at all, that another problem I usually face.

My parents, brothers and sisters, especially my elder sister, helped me alot in my progress. They constantly gave support into the things I want to do. I graduated in Graphic Design with a degree from UK, but now, I am working in a broadcast company in the technical field and on my own, I do IT, networking and production work (ie. filming, recording) Everyday is something new for me. 

Passion versus Job. For me, passion comes first. I wont want a job to be a task that I have to complete everyday. I want a job to be something I will look forward the next day before I close my eyes to sleep. That is what I call, passion. Food and passion goes a long way. :) Food is one of my favorite, baking, making stew, roasting, grilling, souping, everything related to food :)

There is one saying that I hold on too, Be a teacher and not a judge. If someone does something wrong, teach and criticize. If that was not the case, I would not have come this far. My lecturers, my friends in UK, they all contributed to my build blocks of life. :) Never let anyone judge your decision towards your passion...... One life and that's your only chance.


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