Metro : Last Light

Finally done with Metro:Last Light.

Essentials to enjoy the game :
- Make sure your graphics card is able to run PhysX (awesome water and cloth render)
- Make sure you have a good gaming mouse
- Make sure you get hold of a gaming headphone for optimum gaming experience
- Make sure you play it at Ultra Graphics!

Down to the game, everything is somewhat like Fall Out, if any of you have played it before. Everything is radioactive and contaminated. Its a First Person Shooter (FPS) which requires basic controls like the nightvision, reloads, tab for weapon menu and so forth.

Firstly, the graphics is breathtaking and well designed. The sprites are perfect and almost no graphic glitches at all. Graphics accuracy is superb with minimal errors besides a cut scene that you might notice when "he" lifts the cup in one of the cut scenes. 

Secondly, its storyline. Not the best, but its good. A typical save the world concept with a twist to the ending and its for you to find out :). The weapons are impressive allowing you to customize different guns with different modifications such as silencer, laser sights, night scope and many more. Similar to Fall Out, pressure weapons are included as well.

This is a must try game, well its not multiplier. And I was wishing it was so it will be something like Quake with different weapons in a team deathmatch or a deathmatch which would be really interesting. It cost 50USD on Steam and to make your money worthwhile :) Play it in hard mode!

Purchase from Steam here!


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