Back to Hometown

Recently was sent on assignment back to my hometown which is Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. I will be here on a 11 day assignment duration and at the meantime, managed to pack my camera along for some street photography. Its been awhile since I went on a photography trip so I figured, might as well make this one worth while.

Beside the old building, weird one way streets, each and every eatery here has its own speciality. That one thing I love about my hometown. On day 3 of my stay here, I managed to visit Sin Yoon Loong for breakfast. They have one of the best coffee bread combination meals around. Well, one of my favourite at least.

Half boiled eggs on pan toast is one of my favourite breakfast meals. Comparing to those available in Old Town Cafe back in KL, this still outshines the modern taste anytime. :) The coffee rich in taste and has that milky linger beneath the coffee after taste. Magical! 


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