A New Year

Well, to tick things off! Its a new year and obviously new motivations and goals! :) My goals are pretty simple this year. Just want to share with you readers, my goals for 2014. Listed below.

Goals for 2014
- Hike to Everest Basecamp
- Travel Nepal
- Build a stronger production company
- Publish our first unofficial photography magazine
- To be recognized in National Geographic's community
- Travel my home country (roadtrip + bagpack)
- Master photography and cinematography + audio recording

This is my list for the 14th day of 2014. As I sit and prepare for more before February, I am pretty sure this list will add up. Oh! My travels to Thailand last year will be uploaded pretty soon! :) Here is one of the pictures I captured during my visit. Sneak peek! :) Click the picture and it should direct you to my National Geographic photo page! :)

The serious Tuk-Tuk driver on the busy roads of Bangkok


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